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Alyssa Amez is the Founder and Creative Director of Alyssa Amez Design, LLC. Alyssa graduated with a Bachelor's and later, a Master of Business Administration degree from one of the top business schools in Michigan, where her business started back in 2014. 

We are known for our insanely detailed, harmonious and branded design that carries across each stationery item. All elements of the design are carefully created with purpose and concept that sparks an emotion and tells your unique story. Alyssa works directly with clients from inquiry to delivery. Throughout the process, clients will have intimate consultations and conversations to ensure your custom design ideas and stationery goals are fulfilled.

The design studio calls its' home in Chesterfield, Michigan, serving the Metro Detroit area, but happily works with couples worldwide.

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meet alyssa

Alyssa Amez, pronounced like Austin 'Ames' from A Cinderella Story, is the stationery designer that creates intentional design and upscale stationery inspired by you, for you, and with you. 

Alyssa's attention to detail and execution of creating a cohesive aesthetic is unmatched and wildly loved by her clients. Bringing in her love for texture, stunning color themes, and dried floral elements, Alyssa creates intentional designs and upscale stationery to suit any wedding event. She believes in the power of collaboration, but leads you to create the paper vision of your dreams.

When Alyssa isn't designing, she'd rather be in the sun and on the water.

A few of her favorite things are margaritas with no salt, the color black, and a sweat set.

If you love to host curated experiences for your loved ones, I want to work with you. If you have high-end taste, appreciate the little things, and have a special place in your heart for paper, I want to work with you.