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Intentional design and upscale stationery


The impression of anything lasts beyond just one initial, moment.We believe in making a great first and lasting impression in everyday life and pressed into paper.


The shared love in curating experiences that feel cohesive, elevated, and intimate with design details that fit.


The uniqueness about us comes from where we pull inspiration. We create designs that tell your story and then some.



Our custom design and stationery process is a highly exclusive and intimate experience, where you will work directly with Alyssa from inquiry to hand-assembly to create intentional design and upscale stationery.

The custom design and stationery process takes about 8-12 weeks. We recommend booking early as availability is limited. Please click here to inquire now.


Because every couple is different, we curate proposals based upon your initial submission. Within two business days, you will receive your personalized proposal via email. Your proposal outlines your overall design investment and a breakdown of all costs, as well as add-ons like wax seal embellishments, envelope liners, handmade ribbon, etc.that were mentioned in the submission form.

To officially book your date, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit, that will be credited towards your overall investment when you decide to book with Alyssa Amez Design.


As always, we begin with a 60-minute design consultation to discuss your overall theme and vision, share inspiration, discuss embellishment options, and fine-tune the project details including color scheme, paper options, and printing selections. As a custom client, the options are endless and you will have lots to choose from!

We will curate a proof for you, that will be available to review via email. If need be, revisions are encouraged and at no charge to you. We want you to love it!

Please note, the design process takes anywhere between 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.


After you've given your final signature of approval, your invitation suite is sent off to the production stage! We are proud to work with an insanely detail oriented printer that produces the highest quality letterpress stationery with the utmost consistency and accuracy. 


During this time, we will keep you updated on the arrival of your project.


We offer complimentary assembly and mailing services for all of our couples. We will assemble, stuff, and seal all invitation suites for you, and thoughtfully send you the extras, the photographer's suite, and a heirloom box with your keepsake, invitation suite inside.

If you would like to assemble and/or mail yourself, we will send all items needed to assemble your invitation suite in one big box. Please note industry standard is to mail an invitation suite out 8 - 12 weeks before the wedding day.



 The overall investment with us goes far beyond paper. In a collaborative initiative and with your paper vision solely in mind, we thoughtfully focus on a curating upscale pieces that make a lasting impression, in an exclusive and seamless process that guides you to have a truly exceptional experience. Because every project is different, we create customized proposals based upon your project scope. At Alyssa Amez Design, we charge a design investment in addition to the costs associated with your paper, printing, and finishes. On average, our clients invest $4,000 to $7,500 on custom stationery, with $2,500 being our minimum.

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Alyssa Amez


I'm Alyssa Amez, pronounced like Austin 'Ames' from A Cinderella Story, and I'm the stationery designer who creates intentional design and upscale stationery inspired by you, for you, and with you.

I'm known for my attention to detail and execution of creating a cohesive aesthetic that is unmatched and wildly loved by my clients. Bringing in my love for texture, stunning color themes, and dried floral elements, I enjoy creating intentional designs and upscale stationery to suit any wedding event. With a leadership background, I believe in the power of collaboration, but intend to lead you to create intentional, cohesive, and upscale stationery. 


We provide stationery design services to all people in love, but ultimately love to work with people who value and appreciate that the investment goes beyond paper, share a love in curating experiences that feel cohesive, elevated, and intimate with design details that fit, and love to enjoy the finer things in life.

Does this sound like you? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to Alyssa.

"A seamless process."

The invites were everything my husband and I wanted! I have received SO many compliments on them! I can’t say enough wonderful things, the invites were probably the easiest thing I have had to deal with in this whole wedding process.


We love to impress.

You're one click away from stationery that totally impresses you and your guests. I hope you're as excited as I am.