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How To Create a Wedding Mood Board

And why it's beneficial - from the perspectives of both a stationery designer and wedding photographer.

Disclaimer: all photographs were sourced from Pinterest; credit to Rebel Reflect, GeorgiannaLane, and Mohammed A. Alsattar,.

Picture this, you just got engaged and you are starting your wedding planning journey. If you are like me, you've had an inspiration board for years, but it's full of most likely dated inspiration, a million different ideas, and no clear vision about what your special day is going to be like. I joined Kaitlyn of Kaitlyn Cole Photography to give you both perspectives, from a stationery designer and a wedding photographer, on how to create a wedding mood board and why it's beneficial for you when you first start your wedding planning journey!!

Who is Kaitlyn Cole?

Kaitlyn is a wedding photographer in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Charleston and beyond serving classic couples who believe in legacy. By drawing inspiration from old world charm and modern photojournalism, she captures photos for her couples that are timeless and authentic. She's my entrepreneurial-bestie from college, she was my photographer for my wedding AND captured all my branding photos you see on my website. Together, we are so excited to share our insight on this topic.

Quickest note, if you're looking for a wedding photographer, check out her website here, she's wonderful.