Styled Shoots For Stationery Designers

My exclusive tips for stationery designs, who are participating in styled shoots.

As I’m working on an invitation suite for an upcoming styled shoot, I thought I’d share my tips for stationery designers.


- Determine production times including design, printing (especially if you outsource) + shipping.

- Only invest your time and energy if the shoot fits your aesthetic and ideal clientele. If you wouldn’t put it on your website or social media, you’re allowed to pass on the opportunity.

- Establish your budget and appropriately source materials. It can be expensive, but incredibly worth the exposure and working with some incredible vendors within the wedding industry.

- Communicate constantly with the host of the shoot, especially if you’re not physically attending the shoot!


- Because materials are expensive, use materials you already have on hand.


- Create a shot list for the host/photographer, especially if there’s specific details you want photographed at the shoot of the work you contributed.

- While assembling your invitation suite and gathering all the materials for the shoot, take behind the scenes shots for yourself and post on social media.


- Tag all the participating vendors and grow those connections on social media.

- With any remaining items of the invitation suite, I love to use them as samples that I send to potential clients.

Who wants to collaborate on a styled shoot soon?

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