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The Best Fonts for Wedding Venues - Part Two

More of my favorite fonts for your wedding venue or venue style; estates, and theaters, and industrial sites, oh my!

Welcome back, I'm so happy you're here. If you're new and missed the first part of this blog series, read here, The font selection process is key to ensure that the invitation suite is complimentary to the overall event design. From the venue to the small details of decor, when I'm designing invitations, the font and its' characteristics reveal more than you might think. Along with the design theme and color theory of your stationery, the invitations are your guests first impression and tell much about what's to come for your special day.

These are the fonts I would use if you were getting married at these venue types:

An estate, orchard, vineyard, or forest

1] Honey Vineyard

2] Adorn Story


A ballroom, music theatre/hall, historic site

1] Harlow Serif Script

2] Bruney


An upscale barn or farm, old textile mill, cabin, or campground

1] Gardenia Display

2] Donitta


A distillery, old flour mill, industrial site, or brewery

1] Postpress Industrial

2] Apothecary

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